About Us

about us

We Assist Patients In Improving Their Overall Health And Wellness

Here at Isher Osteopathy we pride ourselves on a tailored approach with each patient and join their journey towards recovery and wellness.

Our goal at the Isher Osteopathy Clinic is to assist you by reducing pain and improving function in addition to addressing any biomechanical, postural, and musculoskeletal difficulties.

Meet the Team

Dr Jay Singh

Director & Principal Osteopath

Dr Jay Singh finished his clinical training and further enhanced his studies with a Masters in Osteopathy. He has been working in several clinics throughout Auckland over the last few years gaining experience, both as an osteopath and muscle therapist. He has worked alongside chiropractors, massage therapists and fellow osteopaths while providing volunteer services in India, Australia, Malaysia and the Philippines.

Dr Jay has always had a keen interest and desire to help others. This, along with his ethos of putting others first, deepened his interest in the medical field. His passion for recovery, wellbeing and wellness led him to starting the Isher Osteopathy Clinic. He inspires to bring everything that he has learnt from the countries he has travelled to and people he has worked with, together.

Dr Jay currently travels between the New Zealand, Australia and Malaysia clinic and this may require you to book him in advance as his times do tend to book out quite early.

Dr Jay Singh

Dr Ashlin McGrath

Associate Chiropractor

Ashlin is a dedicated chiropractor whose journey to healing and well-being began due to her background as a competitive dancer. Her dance training instilled in her an understanding of balance and alignment as well as the importance of being able to train and perform at her absolute best.

Outside of her professional life, Ashlin enjoys staying active by walking her dog and attending Pilates classes, a practice that resonates with her commitment to wellness.

Ashlin is thrilled to join the Isher community and share her expertise, aiming to empower others to function at their best. Her mission is to help individuals make the most out of their busy lives by providing chiropractic care, ensuring that everyone can achieve their full potential and live life to the fullest.

Dr Ashlin McGrath