What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a form of manual medicine which views the body as a whole and aims to treat the cause of a problem rather than just the symptoms.

No need for a doctor's referral to see us.

Our osteopaths are registered Primary Health Care Practitioners and ACC providers, so there is no need for a doctor’s referral to be seen by us.


Muscular System

Neck, back, chest, shoulders, arms, or legs

Sports injuries, occupational overuse syndrome, or repetitive stress injuries


Headaches, migraines, neck pain, dizziness, vertigo and concussions

Sciatica, carpel tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia, pins and needles, or shooting pain down arms and legs

Skeletal System

Joint, jaw, neck, back shoulder, elbow, hand, hip, knee, ankle, or foot pain

Scoliosis, arthritic pains, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, posture, or polymyalgia

Digestive System

Stomach pain, cramps, reflux, or constipation

Gastritis, hiatal hernia, chron’s disease symptoms, or colics


Breathing difficulties, asthma, stress, panic attack symptoms, or anxiety

Ribcage pain, postural imbalance, or diaphragmatic difficulties

Osteopathy is based on 4 fundamental principles

Body structures are interrelated and therefore affect each other. A person’s past history leaves traces on the body’s tissues, which can then influence that person’s adaptability in the present.

Second, structure governs function. Any deformity in the overall structure or posture will limit the individual’s functional capabilities. To be functional, body structures must be free of constraints.

Third, fluids and nerve impulses must be able to travel unimpeded throughout the body. This serves to balance the relationships between structures, and to coordinate function with other parts of the body.

Fourth, the body is self-regulating. However, dysfunction sets in when life events impact the body to such a degree that it can no longer manage. At this point, the osteopath’s role is to remove barriers so the body can begin healing again.

Osteopathy for Infants & Children

Osteopathy is a gentle treatment suitable for babies and children. Osteopaths utilise a range of gentle techniques including cranial therapy.

Cranial techniques are safe, gentle and non-manipulative. They are often used when treating young children and newborn infants. Osteopaths work under the principle that there may be a number of contributing factors to the symptoms and will therefore evaluate not only the area which is producing the symptoms, but also associated areas that may be contributing to the issue.